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68" Large Bird Cage Play Top for Parrot Finch Cage Macaw Cockatiel

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- Non-toxic coated finish
- Top play area with ladder, 2 stainless steel bowls and a perch
- 3 feeder doors with locks for easy feeding
- 3 large interior stainless steel feeding bowls
- 1 Interior Long Wooden Perch for Resting.
- Upper removable sliding metal tray
- Lower Removable Sliding Grate for Easy Cleaning.
- Lower removable sliding metal tray
- 4 strong swivel casters 2 locks for mobility and stability
Dimensions: 68” x 31” x 29.5”
Cage Door Size: 21” x 11.4” (HxW)
Bar Spacing: 0.6”
Five Cup Diameters: 4”
Base Tray Size: 22.5” x 22” x 1.4”
Material: Iron
Recommended birds for this cage: Cacique、Conures、Jardine's Parrot Meyer's Parrots、Pionus、Poicephalus Red-bellied、Other Similar Size Birds
Package includes:
1 x Cage Main Frame
1 x Ladder
2 x Metal Trays
2 x Wooden Perches
4 x Swivel casters
5 x Stainless Steel Bowls