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Handmade Crochet Mini Darla the Duck Lovey/Snuggler

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Designed with little hands in mind — this mini Darla the Duck is unstuffed to feel like a hybrid between a blanket lovey and a stuffed toy.  Darla the Duck is just the right size for your mini to grab a hold and take along on all of their adventures!

FINISHED SIZE : Approx. 13”

Made from super soft, bulky sea foam and gray chenille yarn.

This will quickly become your little ones favorite toy.

It is recommended to hand/spot wash.  If placing in the washer, please place in a pillowcase or garment bag and was in cold water on the gentle cycle.  Lay flat to dry.  

Each lovey/snuggler is unique as they are handmade. No two lovey's will be exactly the same. 

These can be made with safety eyes (recommended for children 3+ years old) or the eyes can be sewn (recommended for baby to 3 years of age) 

Pattern: mamamademinis

Please contact me if you would like to change any of the yarn colors.  I would be more than happy to work with you to get the colors you want. 

Please note when ordering: handmade items take approximately two weeks to ship out.